Airtech systems OST oil barge is a large oil storage inflatable tank. It is used as the fast recovery solution, when there is a need of emergency response. The main purpose of inflatable oil barge is to collect oil or similar liquids from the ship or from the polluted water, using additional skimmer, and transfer it safely to the designated location.

The oil storage tank can be transported by water, land or air, giving it many options for responding to urgent situations. Besides standard way of inflating the product with the air blower, there is a possibility of fast inflation with the compressed air.

OST is made of Hypalon-Neoprene (CSM) rubber material which is resistant to ultra violet rays, fire, algae, fungus, abrasion and extreme weather conditions. The OST is designed to retain the oil within the product, with its special structure of airtight departments and removable cover. Load carrying capacity is 25 t, 50 t, 75 t and 100 t.

Capacity A (m) B (m) C (m)
25t 9.7 3.6 1.3
50t 11.5 4.2 1.5
75t 12.8 4.7 1.8
100t 14.5 4.8 2.0