About us

ADVERTOUT is a manufacturer of inflatable products for special applications. Our products are equal with the best global brands in the market, concerning quality, design and performance.

The activity of the corporation is segmented into 4 sectors:

inflatable products for advertising
inflatable and RIB boats
inflatable safety products for ski centers
inflatable products for special applications

We possess enormous experience, inherited from the giant among manufacturers of sport gear, inflatable boats and inflatable products for special applications, SportStar corporation. We operate on the same location where their factory used to be, with many of their employees extending their huge experience acquired over the years.

AIRTECH Systems are inflatable products for special applications, specially designed for military, fire units, medical and rescue units. The main purpose of our products is to help in emergency situations caused by natural disasters. Likewise, they can be used as a standard equipment for various institutions, as part of their day-to-day activity.

AIRTECH Systems products have been developed on the foundation of SportStar manufacturer, with more than 40 years of their heritage. They were the largest manufacturer of inflatable products in the region of former Yugoslavia.

Our inflatable products are made of the highest quality fabrics from the import, ORCA and VALMEX. These products are easy to maintain and have high level of endurance. Likewise, they are resistant to ultra violet light, fire, abrasion, extreme conditions, have resistance to acids, organic fuels, oils, sea-plants and fungus. They also have mechanical and high temperature resistance, which is very important for the customers who would like to have a long-lasting, quality product.

AIRTECH Systems products are made of Hypalon-Neoprene and PVC. With the excellent price/quality proportion, our products are competitive with many global brands.

Gluing and welding technology of rubber and PVC products has come forward over the last few years. Therefore, we replenished our production with the high-tech machine for synthesizing fabric, the unique machine of it’s kind in the region.