Our inflatable products are made of the highest quality fabrics from the import.
“Orca” is a brand name of French manufacturer Pennel & Flipo, specialized in production of fabrics for special needs. Their tradition, more than 50 years long, combined with the certificate of quality, has made us select them as our AIRTECH Systems supplier.

Canvas made of Hypalon-Neoprene is the highest quality material for manufacture of the tubes and other types of inflatable products. These products are easy to maintain and have high level of endurance. Likewise, they are resistant to ultra violet light, fire, abrasion and extreme conditions. These performance of Hypalon-Neoprene separate it from the other fabrics that can also be found on the market.

German manufacturer Mehler texnologies is one of the leaders in the market of PVC fabrics and awnings for special needs. We use their fabrics Valmex, Polymar and Airtex for AIRTECH Systems products. PVC enables mechanical and high temperature resistance, but also resistance to acids, organic fuels, oils, sea-plants and fungus.

For each of our products we are giving quality gguarantee.

Excellent price / quality proportion:
AIRTECH Systems products have excellent price/quality proportion. With the price often lower than competitors, you can have a product of the highest quality.