In situations when every minute counts, the most important thing is the prompt response. AIRTECH Systems offers product solutions for instant action, which helps in preventing environmental disasters. One of the crucial products in these situations are oil booms. Oil booms are water barriers used for the collection of the spilled oil on the water surface. Its purpose is to prevent spreading the oil or any derivative to the wider area when the accident occurs. Besides that, they are also beeing used as a prevention tool by companies who decant and transfer oil on daily basis, on different water areas.

AIRTECH Systems oil booms are designed to meet various requirements and specific customer needs. The segments that form the boom are modular, making it easy and fast to assemble, unfold and set up to the designated area.

There are different types of AIRTECH Systems oil booms, according with the materials used in production, its purpose and filling. According with the materials used in production, oil booms can be made of PVC, PU or CSM (Hypalon-Neoprene). According with its purpose and location of usage, oil booms can be made for the open seas, gulf shores and river banks. According with the filling inside the tube, oil booms can be filled with air, Polyethylene and Styrofoam.