Life rafts are being used for taking people out of the water in case of the flood or any kind of accident in the water. Life rafts are very functional, because they insure immediate evacuation out of the water.

They are ready to use in just few seconds unfolding from polyester protective shell, after being activated by the high pressure gas cylinder.

Life rafts are made from the highest quality Hypalon material, providing them endurance in the most extreme weather conditions. They are able to shelter from 6 to 20 persons, depending the size of the life raft.

Life raft is made of special fabrics, Hypalon-Neoprene and PU. The tubes are made of light, non-sliding Hypalon-Neoprene fabric, while the roof is made of thin, but endurable PU orange fabric.
The fabrics have small weight and good tear resistance, allowing them to be wrapped in special polyester chambers. They are being activated from these chambers by high pressure. They are designed to sustain abrasion caused by fast inflation or possible droop from the big altitude.

The fabrics have high endurance to mechanical damaging and high level of temperature resistance, with the range between -40°C to +70°C, making them very dependable in exploitation.

Life raft is designed and manufactured in purpose of saving people out of the water in case of the flood or any sort of water related accident. It is made of special fabrics, which enable life raft’s self-activation with the high pressure gas cylinder. Total activation process lasts only few seconds.

Life raft is constructed for various situations, with or without the roof and with or without the water stabilizer. It can be delivered with various equipment, depending on the part of the sea where it’s being used (close to the sea shore, on the open seas or on the river). The raft has special SOLAS reflective stripes for better detection on the water.

Life raft is equipped with special AIR TECH life vest, enabling additional safety for people who got in the water. Life vests are made of special polyester fabric, filled with cross-linked polyethylene padding, which have high level of uplifting from the water. Life vests have reflective SOLAS stripes, enabling better detection on the water.